4 important considerations when gardening with pets

DDenver February 14, 2024 7:01 AM

Gardening can be a therapeutic activity, and when done with your furry friends, it can be even more rewarding. However, it is essential to ensure that your garden is safe for your pets. This article provides the 4 main considerations for gardening safely with pets.

1. Choose pet-safe plants

Not all plants are safe for pets. Some can cause harm or discomfort if ingested or touched. Here's a list of common plants that are safe for pets:

  • Spider plant
  • Areca palm
  • Money plant
  • Boston fern
  • Bamboo palm

On the other hand, the following plants are known to be toxic for pets:

  • Lilies
  • Sago palm
  • Oleander
  • Azalea
  • Daffodils

It is crucial to research each plant before adding it to your garden. If in doubt, consult with a vet or a plant expert.

2. Create a pet-friendly garden design

Designing your garden with your pets in mind not only keeps them safe but also allows them to enjoy the garden. For instance, creating a dedicated area for them to play or making pathways for them to explore can significantly enhance their garden experience.

Moreover, consider the placement of plants. Keeping toxic plants out of your pet's reach and ensuring that pet-friendly plants are accessible can also contribute to a safer garden environment.

3. Practice safe gardening practices

Many common gardening practices can pose risks to pets. Avoid using harmful pesticides or fertilizers that can be ingested by your pet. Instead, opt for organic or pet-safe alternatives.

It's also important to keep sharp gardening tools out of your pet's reach. When not in use, securely store these tools to prevent accidents.

4. Educate yourself and your pet

Education is key when it comes to gardening with pets. Learn about plants and gardening practices that are safe for pets. At the same time, train your pet about boundaries in the garden. Teaching them what's off-limits can prevent harm and ensure a positive gardening experience.

Gardening with pets can be a delightful experience when done right. With these considerations in mind, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable garden for both you and your pet.

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