6 gorgeous flowers for a cutting garden

DDenver March 2, 2024 7:01 AM

Nothing beats having a garden full of beautiful flowers. But what's even better? Having a cutting garden! A cutting garden allows you to grow your own gorgeous blooms to enjoy in stunning bouquets right in the comfort of your home. So, let's delve into six flowers that are not only visually striking but also perfect for any cutting garden.

Best flowers for a cutting garden

When selecting flowers for your cutting garden, it's important to consider their longevity once cut, their ease of growth, and their overall aesthetic appeal. Here are six flowers that check all those boxes:

  1. Roses: They're classic, fragrant, and come in a myriad of colors. Roses are perennial, which means they'll provide beauty year after year. They're also relatively easy to care for with proper pruning and feeding.

  2. Dahlias: Known for their striking colors and complex shapes, dahlias are a cutting garden staple. They are annuals but can be treated as perennials in warmer climates. Dahlias require well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.

  3. Sunflowers: An emblem of joy and warmth, sunflowers are easy to grow and look stunning in arrangements. They're also quite hardy, so you won't have to worry too much about pests and diseases.

  4. Peonies: With lush, multilayered petals, peonies add a touch of luxury to any bouquet. They are perennials and can live for decades with proper care.

  5. Zinnias: With a riot of colors and a high tolerance for heat, zinnias are perfect for summer bouquets. They're annuals and are very easy to grow from seed.

  6. Snapdragons: Providing a vertical element to arrangements, snapdragons come in a range of colors and sizes. They are annuals or short-lived perennials and thrive in cool weather.

How to create and maintain a cutting garden

Now that we have our list of flowers, let's discuss how to create and maintain a healthy and productive cutting garden. Here are some tips:

  • Design: Plan your garden layout in advance. Consider factors like sunlight, soil type, and how easy it is to access for cutting.

  • Planting: Start from seeds or young plants. Remember to space them properly to allow good air circulation.

  • Care: Regular watering, feeding, and weeding are essential. Also, consider pest control methods to keep your flowers healthy.

  • Harvest: The best time to cut flowers is early in the morning when they're fully hydrated. Cut flowers at the right stage of development, usually when buds are just starting to open.

Growing flowers for bouquets and arrangements

Cutting gardens aren't just about growing flowers; they're about growing flowers that will look good in a vase. Here are some tips for growing and arranging your bounty:

  • Choose a variety of flower types: This includes spike flowers (like snapdragons), disc flowers (like sunflowers), and globe flowers (like dahlias).

  • Think about color: Plan your garden with your favorite color schemes in mind.

  • Add foliage: Don't forget about leaves and branches. They add fullness and structure to your arrangements.

  • Condition your flowers: After cutting, immediately place your flowers in water and let them hydrate before arranging them.

With these tips and flower recommendations, you're well on your way to a successful cutting garden.

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