Best 3 Plants with Colorful and Attractive Foliage

EEdgar December 17, 2023 7:01 AM

Who says flowers should get all the attention? Plants with colorful foliage can be just as striking as those blooming with flowers. They add a splash of color to your garden or home all year round. Here are the best three plants with colorful and attractive foliage that you should consider adding to your green space.


Coleus tops our list as it's known for its wildly colorful, variegated leaves. Whether it's the vibrant red, gentle pink, or deep purple, the leaves are the main attraction.

Care for Coleus

  • Sunlight: They prefer bright, indirect light. However, some varieties can tolerate a bit of shade.
  • Water: Keep the soil moist but not soaked. Coleus are sensitive to both overwatering and underwatering.
  • Soil: They thrive in well-draining, fertile soil.


Next up is the Croton, a tropical plant known for its bold, glossy, and multi-colored leaves. The color patterns can include a mix of yellow, red, orange, and even black.

Care for Croton

  • Sunlight: They need a lot of bright light to maintain their vibrant colors.
  • Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry.
  • Soil: Crotons prefer a well-draining soil, ideally with a bit of organic matter.

Persian Shield

Last but not least, we have the Persian Shield, a stunning royal purple plant. Its leaves shimmer with a silver iridescence, making it a unique addition to any garden.

Care for Persian Shield

  • Sunlight: This plant prefers partial shade but can tolerate full sun if it's not too hot.
  • Water: Keep the soil consistently moist.
  • Soil: Persian Shields prefer rich, well-draining soil.
Plant Name Sunlight Water Soil
Coleus Bright, indirect light Moist, not soaked Well-draining, fertile
Croton Bright light Top inch of soil dry Well-draining, organic matter
Persian Shield Partial shade Consistently moist Rich, well-draining

These three plants will surely make your indoor or outdoor garden more vibrant and lively. So why not give them a try?

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