Top 5 plants with stunning bark for winter interest

EEdgar October 8, 2023 6:16 PM

When winter rolls around and many plants have shed their leaves, there's still the opportunity to keep your garden full of interest and color. How? By focusing on plants with stunning bark that provide winter interest. Here are the top 5 bark plants that will transform your winter landscape into something extraordinary.

1. Paperbark Maple

The Paperbark Maple is a small, slow-growing tree, renowned for its cinnamon-colored peeling bark which adds a certain rustic charm to any garden. The bark peels in shape of large curls, revealing a shiny and smooth surface beneath. The contrast between the cinnamon color and the snow in winter is nothing short of eye-catching.

2. River Birch

River Birch stands out in winter landscapes with its highly attractive and distinctive peeling bark. It has a papery texture, peels off in thin, curry-colored layers, and the contrasting light and dark shades create a beautiful winter spectacle. It's also a hardy plant, making it perfect for winter gardening.

3. Tibetan Cherry

The Tibetan Cherry is one of the most stunning bark plants for winter, thanks to its glossy, mahogany-red bark. The bark is not only shiny, but it also has subtle patterns that add to its winter appeal. To make the most of this plant, position it where the winter sun can shine directly on it and highlight its remarkable bark.

4. Lacebark Pine

The Lacebark Pine features a unique and incredibly decorative bark that becomes more pronounced in the winter. The bark peels off in patches, revealing a constellation of colors underneath - from green and purple to white and silver. This variety of colors provides much-needed winter interest in the garden.

5. Japanese Stewartia

The Japanese Stewartia is known for its camouflage-patterned bark that peels in small scales. The bark's base color is a soft grey with patches of cinnamon and brown, which stand out beautifully against the white snow. Its visual interest and adaptability to different soil conditions make it an essential part of any winter garden.

Now, let's take a look at a quick comparison of these stunning bark plants for winter interest:

Plant Bark Color Texture Winter Hardiness
Paperbark Maple Cinnamon Peeling, Smooth Moderate
River Birch Curry Papery, Peeling High
Tibetan Cherry Mahogany-Red Glossy, Patterned Moderate
Lacebark Pine Multi-color Peeling, Patchy High
Japanese Stewartia Grey, Cinnamon, Brown Camouflage-Patterned Moderate

These plants not only offer attractive and unique bark but they also have different textures and varying degrees of winter hardiness. Planting these in your garden will ensure a vibrant and interesting winter landscape that keeps the gardening spirit alive even in the coldest months.

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